Original Flexible Bendable Sports Ball Inflation Needle


The FIRST EVER Ball Inflation needle, that is made from the highest quality technologically advanced material available today. This will fit into any pump adapter and will inflate any type of a ball that requires an inflation needle, such as a football, soccer ball, basketball, rugby ball, volleyball, playground ball, gym ball. The ball spike is indestructible under normal usage, incredibly flexible, durable design with forever lube properties. So revolutionary it will change the way the world inflates sports balls. An inflation needle that won’t break off in your favorite sports ball. Vevo Sports.

TIP:  Athletic balls and play ground balls last longer using a lubrication… When using the Ball Spike, try using petroleum jelly or lip balm of some type prior to first use. You will find the ball spike lubricates the ball valve and increases life expectancy of the ball. Also, it will allow for the ball spike inflation needle to move more freely inserting and exiting the ball after inflation cycles.

Kids basketball inflation needle


Made with an advanced flexible material, the Vevo Ball Inflation Needle is the world’s first inflation needle that is flexible when inflating your sport’s balls. This specially designed inflation needle is built to last through the wear and tear of the everyday athlete.


This specially designed inflation needle is made with an oil-injected plastic to preserve the rubber seal on every sports ball. After each use, your Vevo Needle will become more “worn in”, activating the special lubrication in the needle which provides easy functionality and safe preservation of your sports ball.


The Vevo Inflation Needle is proven to stand out in every environment with its variety of fluorescent colors. You should be spending your time as an athlete, not as a scavenger rummaging through the grass.