Kerry Maw and the VEVO story:

Hi, my name is Kerry Maw. I am from Ogden, UT and I am the inventor/creator of the Ball Spike inflation needles and President of VEVO Sports USA. I have been involved with youth sports the better part of my life. Growing up we played everything we could as we had an active neighborhood with one of the best basketball/baseball coaches around. He served in the Coast Guard and just really took time out for his son and all of us friends. My dad and his side of the family really enjoy basketball and I have many fond memories of playing basketball with my dad on a Lifetime basketball hoop that was just invented somewhere in the early 80’s maybe late 70’s it was. In Utah, the athletic balls we play with i.e.; footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, playground equipment all seem to fluctuate with the weather, thus leaving a ball always needing air, each week, maybe every other if you’re lucky. I remember wanting to play basketball at home after school when I was a kid, and often, I would say half the time the ball was semi-inflated and always needed more air. Inflation needles were usually a rare find and we tended to break them all the time. The urge of spontaneous thoughts of playing basketball could quickly diminish if the ball was really unusable to bounce around. With the old needles Kids usually wait for dad to come home to solve this problem and by then, in these days, kids have given up and are in on the computer or playing video games.

When I was 19 years old I began to coach soccer on a naval base in Virginia along the Potomac River. I always struggled with the standard metal needles breaking over the years and it got to the point when I became a dad & coach for my daughters that I got fed up with breaking inflation needles as we began to play with high-end competition level soccer balls which can cost up to 200.00 US dollars. As an athlete growing up and later becoming a coach & dad, I realized there had to be a better way. I believe that thought came to mind the last time I broke a metal inflation needle off in a 150.00 competition ball. The needle ended up inside, thus rendering the ball useless in my mind. The Ball Spike inflation needle was designed to take more abuse. The Ball Spike can break under extreme circumstances and long use durations but it is much more practical to use than the “old” metal inflation needles at it has forgiveness, flexibility, durability for more everyday use. It is much more difficult to break. We have discovered that kids as young as 4 -5 years old enjoy inflating a ball now as they can torture this inflation needle and still accomplish their goal of filling the ball with air. I believe this is one very small step we can make to help keep kids active in sports and outdoors. My original goal was to do something as simple as to provide inflation needles that last much longer, that are bright in color making them easier to find and make the daunting task of airing a ball up with air a more pleasant experience. Most importantly where a kid can easily fill their own ball with air.

We also brought in a high-quality pump from Sweden, made in Poland that is of higher quality than the pumps made in China. The pumps are called Ball Flate packaged with one Ball Spike inflation needle. This combination has proved to be a good seller at retailers such as SCHEELS Corporation.

When coming up with an idea that you want to invent, I want to encourage you to do so! There are many challenges along the way, but with persistence, you can do it. When I set out, we needed to see if this project was at all feasible, by making up some prototypes using different kinds of plastic materials. Once we felt it could work reasonably well, I set out by having a mold made to produce a plastic injected product. This took time and money! Lots of money…. Once you have a product then You then are faced with selling a product or your idea, we chose to create a company and go give this the all American try by selling our product to retailers and distributors. We had to take a hard look at what business we were in, and who is our competition? This was the moment I realized that Nike was started and created by Phil Knight wanting to create a lighter running shoe for his track runners and that Kevin Plank created and founded Under Armor by providing an athletic t-shirt designed to fit under shoulder pads for football players.

I, Kerry Maw, wanted to solve a problem, filling athletic balls and to do it quicker, so I created the Ball Spike inflation needles and started our company VEVO Sports USA. Our motto has always been to be “equal to or better than Nike or Under Armor” this has been our motto from the start and will remain so If I have anything to say about it. So who are we are now, as VEVO Sports USA? Are we here to just sell inflation pumps & inflation needles? The answer is NO. We are here to grow & create a business just like the other companies mentioned above. I / We could use your support and hope you relate to my words and frustrations of wanting to make something better.

If you have an invention or an idea, please go do it! If I can, you can! If anyone is needing some advice on acquiring a patent or trademark you are free to contact me for any help I may be able to provide.

We started this business in the basement of our home and in an old barn in the backyard. We are 100% a USA product and we intend to stay that way!

Kerry J. Maw