Ballspike – 100 Count Assorted Needles

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  • Great for: Schools / Clubs / Professional teams / Coaches / Refs / Gifts
  • Container of 100 of the worlds first bendable inflation needle in a variety of 3 different colors.
  • Packaged in a clear plastic container that keeps your BallSpikes protected. 
  • If you pump alot of balls you will enjoy these, they are so much better than the traditional metal needles. 
  • Grab a Ballflate pump to go with your needles.
  • TIP: Athletic balls and play ground balls last longer using a lubrication… When using the Ballspike, try using petroleum jelly or lip balm of some type prior to first use. You will find the ball spike lubricates the ball valve and increases life expectancy of the ball. Also, it will allow for the Ballspike to move more freely inserting and exiting the ball after inflation cycles.